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1-877-BA FARES

Greaves Travel offers its clients access to fare sheets and special prices twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. When you use your telephone to call our FaxFares system, you can send a catalog to your fax machine to see what fare sheets are available. Using this catalog you can have fare sheets sent to your office, accessing just the information you want, exactly when you want it. Signing up for this service is as easy as becoming a Greaves client by filling out a small information sheet, which you can order from the system and then fax back to Greaves. When you have your account, you will use your password to enter the system. This service is available only to travel agents, to protect your interests. To ring in to FaxFares, dial toll free 1-877-BA FARES.

Please note the system will only send faxes to the fax number we have on file. It is not possible to specify an alternative fax number. This ensures confidentiality as our system can only send our fares to Travel Agents. This is another way Greaves supports travel agencies and protects your income.

How will you know when fares change, so that you can use FaxFares to update your records? E-Fares lets you know exactly when new information is available to you. Click here to find out.

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